Maintenance & Repair

Insurance Driven Inspection

Some Insurance companies (Aviva & others) have small print in their Landlords Insurance that empty properties must be inspected at a regular periods & have certain condition met e.g. drained heating, extra security, letterboxes sealed etc. If you don't comply you might be in breach of your insurance terms & have a claim disallowed or payment reduced.

We can offer the following services:-

  • Undertake an initial free survey to highlight needs
  • Tag your property with contact details
  • Register us as the keyholder with the Police (especially handy if you don't live locally)
  • Attend in case of emergency (burglary/fire etc) & liaise with emergency services
  • Visit the property at prescribed intervals to check security& meters topped up etc
  • Offer a Ready To Rent service, keeping your property looking & smelling great for viewings
  • Meet & Greet contractors, viewings, letting agents, Council Inspectors etc
  • Work with property neighbours to build a rapport, this helps with intelligence